Have you ever had one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? The day has barely even started, and things are so frustrating that you wish the day had never even happened, or that you could just give the day another try…from the top.

Today was one of those days for me. I’m generally a pretty even-keeled person, it takes a lot to get me worked up; to get me excited, or sad, or frustrated, or angry, or anything else. This morning, however, within an hour of arriving in the office, I was extremely frustrated and very angry. Not to mention disappointed. In the matter of just a few moments, my tone for the whole day was set. Suddenly, things that would normally be “speed bumps” felt like road blocks. The tiniest little issues magnified my frustrations immensely, and everything seemed worse than it really was. I wanted to go home, go back to bed, and try again tomorrow. I was so upset, I just wanted a do-over.

As the day progressed, the frustrations and annoyances continued, but suddenly, blessings began to emerge. An unexpected conversation that I thought I didn’t have time for became an opportunity for sincere, vulnerable, unabashed sharing and reflection about God’s care for his people. A complex, difficulty-ridden project created the opportunity for an enjoyable dinner with my Mother. And then tonight, a fitting yet antithetical close to the day; in one of most my favorite parts of the week, I gathered with a small group of college women. I shared my disappointments from the day, and they sympathized, and then we laughed together about the frustrations that come our way at times. As we studied together, I was reminded to just stop and breathe, to push away the “noise” in my life, and to simply listen. Suddenly, I didn’t want a do-over anymore. I was so happy for those few moments in the day, that the rest of the day didn’t matter. The disappointments that had caused a headache early in the morning were suddenly gone. All I could think was that I just wanted to lift praise. Even in the midst of what was undoubtedly the most frustrating day in recent memory, I was reminded very simply of God’s presence, and that tempered everything, the whole day, and all I desired was to sing praises.

And so I am off to chat with God about the day, and I will certainly pray that tomorrow is better than today. But more importantly, I will offer my praise to God for the blessing of today because even if it seems true only in a single moment, each day is a gift from God.

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