Moral Relativism

As I was preparing for bed last night, I turned off a DVD I had been watching, and began quickly flipping through the channels, just to see what was on. I ran across this show called “What Would You Do?” The show takes actors and creates a certain scenario around “real,” unsuspecting people to see how they will respond. In this case, there was a young girl (an actress), swinging on a play set in a park. Apparently, the young girl’s parents were not around, and she was approached by a man (also an actor), who made it clear that he was not a relative. And yet, the man was asking the girl to come help him look for his lost dog in the bushes. The situation was being played out to see how other parents in the same park would respond. One mother just watched as the young girl went off with the man to “find his dog,” while a father confronted the man and told him he should not take that girl anywhere without asking her parents’ permission.

There seem to be many such shows on the air recently. Shows like Moment of Truth where couples or family members ask each other tough questions, and to win some money, the truthful answer has to be given. But shouldn’t the truthful answer have been given in the first place? Is there really as much moral ambiguity as we are making out to be? Jesus’ commandment was clear, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.” I believe that if we really seek to live out this commandment in our lives, then nearly every question about our behaviors and actions is a mute point. Let’s give it a try and see!

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