Kingdom Work

I spend five or more days a week doing the work of the church. This might be called Kingdom Work, but I imagine that most days it feels a lot like any other job; meetings, accounting, etc. Yet, every now and then, through the other work that we do….the real work of the Kingdom, I get a true sense of what it means to do God’s work.

Before I tell you of my most recent such experience, I must raise a question. What does God desire for this world? I think the answers to that question are many, but I believe that as much as anything else, God desires that all of humanity (all of creation, even) would be in a loving relationship with God. I also believe that one of the most important functions of the Christian church is to help people enter into and grow in such a loving relationship with God. So for me, those moments when I really sense that I am involved in Kingdom work are the times when I see the church functioning the way it is intended to function — introducing people to Christ and growing disciples. And what’s even more awesome is seeing people in the church getting excited about doing such work not because of any selfish motives, but because it’s Kingdom work.

So this last week, I helped spear an “outreach” project specifically geared to get the people sitting in the pews involved in inviting others to the church. I had a lot of fun working on the project, I watched as people got excited about joining in, and I listened as in the last few days we have begun hearing stories of the invitations being offered. Certainly, in all things, Christians should be working to introduce others to Christ.

But, I believe that if we are all honest with ourselves (and as those standing outside the church simply glancing at the steeple everyday know), we aren’t always very good at inviting others to come into a relationship with Christ. I think that’s why it was so exciting to be involved in this project and to watch others get excited about inviting their friends to church too; to be able to see how awesome it is when the Kingdom really is working the way God intended. And Kingdom Work is so awesome because it grows out of completely selfless, yet powerfully enthusiastic service of God simply for God’s glory and nothing else. That is righteous.

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