In 1748, Charles Wesley penned these words: "Unite the two so long disjoined, Knowledge and vital piety: Learning and Holiness combined, And all truth and love, let all men see." The life of faith is a constant balancing act of learning and growing, while at the same time living and serving. These are just a [...]

In the Meantime

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church May 24, 2020 Ascension Sunday [COVID-19 Pandemic, Week 11] Acts 1: 1-14 (CEB) Theophilus, the first scroll I wrote concerned everything Jesus did and taught from the beginning, 2right up to the day when he was taken up into heaven. Before he was taken up, working in the power of [...]

A New Build

Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church May 10, 2020 [COVID-19 Pandemic, Week 9] 1 Peter 2: 1-10 (CEB) Therefore, get rid of all ill will and all deceit, pretense, envy, and slander. 2Instead, like a newborn baby, desire the pure milk of the word. Nourished by it, you will grow into salvation, 3since you have tasted [...]